I am an incoming Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at Binghamton University, part of the SUNY system in New York. I am interested in hearing from potential PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and new collaborators. If you are a prospective grad student or post-doc, please read more about joining the lab here.

I am an integrative biologist using quantitative methods, evidence synthesis, and long-term data to understand the effects of rapid environmental change on biodiversity, with a special emphasis on birds and insects.

I develop new methods to make evidence synthesis more efficient, write software to make data gathering more reproducible, collaborate broadly to improve our collective understanding of ecological responses to global change, and synthesize the wealth of accumulated scientific evidence to support bird and insect conservation. Currently, my research is focused on gathering and synthesizing studies to assess long-term population trends in insects, understanding the causes of insect decline and consequences for insectivorous birds, assessing continent-scale patterns in butterfly biodiversity in relation to changes in land use and climate in recent decades, and developing methods to meta-analytically combine diverse, messy, and sparse time series datasets. I also coordinate the EntoGEM project, a community-driven effort to identify long-term insect population and diversity datasets.